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Rivera Architects Inc. has vast design experience including new facilities to the renovation of existing educational facilities. A fair amount of our work includes deferred maintence, energy improvement upgrades and health and life safety improvements.

At Rivera Architects Inc., we incorporate the values embraced by leadership, board and entire communities.  Our holistic approach incorporates ideas and directives from each stakeholder to create one-of-a-kind environments that enhance the living and educational environments. Clients expect a firm who listens, brings extensive professional knowledge and design experience to the delivery process.

Rivera Architects Inc. is a team player. We share our experience and insight with the project team and suggest ideas that meet the scope of the project. When budgets are limited and a creative approach is required to meet the clients’ needs, we seek to innovate; but we also recognize when to rely on proven solutions. We understand how to be creative within boundaries - both financially and within the walls of the building.

Collaborative and Inclusive Process

We often follow a design workshop process modified to each clients expectations and desires, one that involves the entire project team including key client representatives. Through interactive and focused meetings, together we effectively gather a broad spectrum of information, clarify direction and build consensus as a basis for making decisions.

Design Philosophy

  • Designing for Longevity & Flexibility

  • Multi-functional spaces impact the design and layout of a facility. An owner can never fully anticipate changes in  housing and education standards.   Our designs include the flexibility to accommodate change. Good use of space, flexible configuration; and specific program requirements extend the use of a building.

    Rivera Architects Inc. plans for durability and flexibility to contain operational expenses. We carefully discuss life-cycle costs with the design team to effectively balance first cost with life cycle expenditures.

    Approach to "Green"

  • Would you benefit from LEED? Projects can be highly sustainable without being LEED-certified. It is not a requirement for being green. There are times when it makes sense to go through the process and times when it does not. This decision needs to be evaluated on merits of each project and clients goals as there are varying points of view on how to address sustainability. The right response offers inexpensive, creative and effective alternative design solutions.

    Rivera Architects Inc. advocates those efforts that provide clients long-term value - operationally and environmentally. we recognize the need for  facilities that reflect the fundamental belief of society today to reduce-reuse-recycle. An ecologically responsible facility begins in the first stages of planning and design. Opportunities include maximizing a building’s ability to tap "free" resources like day light and natural ventilation. These strategies significantly reduce the energy load for lighting, heating and ventilation.

    Rivera Architects Inc. focuses to improve your project’s environmental performance during the material specification stage with minimal cost implications. Products range from water-based paints and finishes designed for minimal toxic off-gassing, to laminates with a linseed-oil base.

    Rivera Architects Inc. is committed to creating well-designed and comfortable environments that remain purposeful and attractive for decades to come. Designs must provide flexibility to accommodate future programmatic changes as well as building system upgrades.